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Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery | Send Flowers For Valentines Day

  • Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery | Send Flowers For Valentines Day
  • Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery | Send Flowers For Valentines Day


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Date : January 24, 2018
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Location : Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

6flowers to say I Love You


With the advent of St.Valentine’sDay, the flower industry has made us believe that Roses are the ultimateflowers when it comes to express love. But believe me, there are many moreblooms that are equivalent when it comes to saying I Love You.

Azalea: Nothing is more beautiful than a bouquet of Azaleas. If you wishto say – “Take care of yourself for me” – gift Azalea. This gorgeous flower ismeant for people in a long distance relationship.

Carnations: This flower symbolizes pledge and promise of marriage. It isknown to signify deep love between a couple, and God’s greatest incarnation (anact of love.) Pink Carnations represent undying love. Moreover, these arepretty affordable, and you can go for a substantial bouquet.

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Orchids: A talisman of masculine love, Orchids are perfect for males.These last longest with minimal care. Delicate and graceful, these bloomsrepresent love, beauty, luxury, and strength. So, add a hint of fantasy to yourvalentine’s day bouquet with Orchids.

Sunflower: Known to symbolize unconditional devotion, sunflower is oftenassociated with hope and happiness. Not many of us know that as the sunflowergrows, it follows the movement of the sun just like the young lovers followtheir beloved. To sendflowers for Valentines Day, pick a bouquet full of sunflowersand convey warmth, adoration and lasting love.

Tulips: A Persian mythology states that the Tulip was born from theblood and tears of a girl who went into the forest in search of her love. Sincethen it became a symbol of affection. Red Tulip is known as the symbol of love,while the purple one is known to represent mature love.

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Yellow Daffodils: If you are fond of daffodils, gift only the yellow ones. Thesebright and beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers carry the gesture of newbeginnings.

Even if you have never spoken to theperson, you admire, or it has been decades since you have seen your X, theright bouquet of these flowers would whisper a message of romance to any lover.



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